How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

How Does Solar Hot Water Work? – The Solar Hot Water System is the alternative to a Hydronic Hot Water System. It means that you can use the power of solar heat to get hot water without consuming electricity. Similarly, by using the Solar Hot Water System you can get the high-temperature water to use anywhere without plugging it in the electricity. Is also known as a domestic solar hot water system as it doesn’t need to get professionals to help to use it. The solar hot water system needs only solar energy to convert the normal temperature’s water into hot water.

In brief, it is the simplest and cost-effective way to get hot water supply at your premises. All it needs is the sun which is available at no cost. But, there should be a proper place to get the sun rays in high quantity that can be a window setting or roof setting of the solar panels. Below, we are going into the details about this system. 

How Does Solar Hot Water Work
How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

This is How a Solar Hot Water System Work

To understand the functioning of a solar hot water system, we need to know the functions of the important components. Let us see: 

Solar Collectors: The conventional water heater system makes a suitable storage tank. This is the place where the appropriate heat energy gets collected from the sun. The quantity is exactly decided by the system according to the requirements to get the hot water. It also converts sunlight into heat energy to make it more useful.  

Heat Exchanger: Heat exchanger converts the transfer fluid to the home water supply. The heat exchanger is frequently made of copper but sometimes it is made of steel. The main type of heat exchanger is likely to be liquid to liquid. The heat exchanger is part of the system. 

Designs of Heat Exchanger: 

1. Shell-and- tube

2. Coil-in-tank

3. Tube-in-tube

These parts have different-different functions to do the work. And, all designs are meant to run the process thoroughly. 

Hot Water Storage Tank: Hot water storage tank is the storage tank to sort the problem of storing and supplying the hot water to use. An efficient tank can store the heated water for days, and it reduces the fuel cost. It can store more heat per unit of the weight. The hot water storage tank has the efficiency in storing the hot water to use efficiently according to the use. 

Pumps: There Are Two Types of Pumps: 

Solar Hot Water System Pump
Solar Hot Water System Pump

1.Direct circulation system:

It circulates the water directly through the water collector system into the required place. It works fluently without any hassle and provides you with the worth of it. 

2. Indirect circulation system:

It circulates the water indirectly through the water collectors and a heat exchanger. These systems are popular in the freezing temperatures. 

Thus, we can say that the solar thermal system takes the sun’s energy and converts it into heat. This is an effective way to get hot water without expending a lot of money. 

The benefits of using Solar Hot Water System:

  1. You won’t have to pay a penny as it needs only sunlight which is available at no cost and abundant.  
  2. Approximately 80% of radiation turns into heat energy which converts normal water into hot water. 
  3. It also saves fuel and electricity bills costs efficiently.

Apart from this, you will get many advantages after installing this system at your place. 

How Much Does a Solar Hot Water System Cost?

The cost is available for the solar hot water system in different aspects. We have mentioned the effective cost according to the capacity of the particular system. Price is proper depending on the model of the system which you want to install. Other than this the average cost of a solar hot water system costs between $3000 to $8000 for fully installed. We can’t tell the exact value of the system, but the price falls between the range we have mentioned above. 

How Does Solar Hot Water Work
How Does Solar Hot Water Work?

Do Solar Hot Water Systems Need Servicing?

To maintain anything for a long time, an owner should give proper service to the system whether it is Solar Hot Water System or anything else. The proper and timely services keep the system for a long time and increase the efficiency of it in a few servicing amounts. You should give service to the system at a regular interval of every 4 to 5 years. Regular maintenance and servicing continued the longevity and best performance of the system. 

Final Saying About How Does Solar Hot Water System Work?

In brief, the Solar Hot Water System is the most efficient and good source to get the hot water in a required quantity. There are lots of systems available in the market but the professionals recommend that you should first make yourself aware of the system such as cost, advantages, maintenance and other relevant facts. 

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