Can you fix the issue of my Running Toilet?

Though a running toilet looks like a negligible issue as the water being used is out of our sight, but it is not. In fact, it is a very serious problem. If the issue is not resolved within a few hours then it is going to cost you hundreds of dollar per year in water bills. Our trained and skilled professionals can fix the issue in less than an hour. Book us today and get you job done!
Do the rates which you charge include the cost of materials and spare parts also?
No the rate which we charge does not include spare parts or materials cost. Our charges are the only Labor Charges for our Plumbing services. Our Plumbers will let you know the required spare parts or material to be needed to fix the issue. So, as per your convenience, you can buy them from outside stores or can take from us paying the extra amount for the required stuff. In some cases, our Plumber will buy the same for you.