Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

Ducted Evaporative Cooling Repairs and Servicing Solutions

If you are in need of a technicians for Same day Evaporative Cooling Melbourne, So this is the right place to solve your problem. 24Horse Plumbing always stands your trust. We have more than 25 years of experience in Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems Melbourne and we have given our best service in almost every corner of Melbourne. You can contact us at any time, we are present in your service. We are a well recognized heating and cooling plumber in Melbourne for Evaporative Cooling Repair and Installation. We own the best team of technicians who will handle all your needs for Residential and Commercial Evaporative Cooling.

Evaporative Cooling and Its Functioning

Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

Have you ever wondered how evaporative cooling units installed in your home and offices actually work?

Evaporative cooling units work on the same principle as our body which gets cooled off when we perspire. In Evaporative cooling system, water is given heat to form vapor thus forming a cooler liquid which is used to cool machines and buildings. Thus, it is an effective way to beat the summer heat with Evaporative Cooling in Melbourne. However, it is necessary to maintain and repair your evaporative cooling unit to ensure its smooth functioning.

Advantages of Timely Maintenance of Heating & Cooling System

Evaporative cooling is a very affordable and reliable source of cooling. The system works by cooling the warm air and cooling it before it gets spread into the rooms. regular maintenance can keep their functioning well and increase longevity. The whole cooling system employs several machinery parts and a cooling unit which may wear and tear and may incur heavy expenses if not repaired at right time by skilled professionals.

It is important to hire technicians for your system as it gives the following benefits:

  • While working the system may gather a lot of debris which may interfere with the proper functioning. Evaporative cooling maintenance service provided by our professionals does a total maintenance along with repair to make it function like new.
  • Moreover, number of intricate yet significant parts go into the working of the system. Thus, regular repair service can identify the faulty parts. This can avoid further and heavier damage to the system.
Evaporative Cooling Maintenance Service Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling Maintenance Service


  • Cooler pads require maintenance and if worn out can be repaired or replaced during a maintenence work.
  • Further, the fan belt must have the right level of tension which can be ensured by a professional expert.
  • Further, without maintenance, the system may cause heavy electric bills which you can avoid through proper maintenance. 

Let Us Install Your Evaporative Cooling Systems

We provide the best Evaporative Cooling Installation Service in Melbourne and Air Conditioners too. We have the best heating and cooling plumbers as they are highly experienced and trained for this service. The plumbers working with us are provided with the best tools so that they can use their techniques to the optimum level. Thus you will be getting a long- lasting evaporative cooling installaton service. Our evaporative cooling price in Melbourne is very economical in comparison to others. Get a quote for the same day service. We provide our services for all major brands of evaporative coolers which includes:

  • Bonaire
  • Breezeair
  • Braemar
  • Brivis
  • CoolBreeze
  • CoolAir
Evaporative Cooling Installation Service
Evaporative Cooling Installation and Maintenance Service

We have an expert team that can reach your place for the urgent needs for Evaporative Cooling Installation Melbourne. We give assurance for best service in Melbourne as we use most advanced technology.

Our Evaporative Cooling Services Includes

We provide are providing same day service for evaporative cooling system in Melbourne. We are avilable on working days of the week to give the service. The repairing services includes:

  • Pump operation checking
  • Fan operation checking
  • Checking of correct level of water
  • Dump valve operation checking
  • Duct work inspection and checking
  • System operation testing

Our Affordable Range Of Cooling Services

We are available for customers who need any kind of service for Evaporative Cooling Melbourne. We offer the best evaporative cooling installation, repair and maintenance service at affordable costs. We provide guaranteed repair results at a low cost to save you money. Our repair services are carried out by our well-trained plumbers. We have years of experience that helps us deliver perfect evaporative repair service at affordable costs. Latest tools and equipment are used to make sure that you get guaranteed repair results in no time. Hire 24 Hours Plumbing today and get your evaporative cooling systems restored and repaired professionally.

Get Old Evaporative Cooling Replacement Service

We have a solution to any problem-related to Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning in Melbourne. Further, we have the availability of the latest equipment, tools and spare parts. We are available on all working days of the week to replace your old evaporative cooling system. Our expert team can fix any problem within a very short time. So Get a quote for the services we offer. And enjoy the cooling experience of evaporative and Air Conditioning Melbourne at very inexpensive price. So book our professional plumbers now without hesitation and get same day service.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Us?

We are providing services for Evaporative Cooling for many years, thus our experience will be visible in the service. There are many reasons to choose us and notable ones are given below:

  • We are the best in providing Evaporative Cooling service in Melbourne.
  • Economicl Price and High Quality Result
  • Best Customer Support Service
  • Additionally, our team has the most extensive knowledge and expertise in the service.
  • Further, our services are available even in the most remote suburbs of Melbourne

FAQs On Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

Is evaporative cooling effective in Melbourne?

The answer is YES – Evaporative cooling systems are the most common way people use to get rid of heatwaves in Melbourne. Sometimes, it becomes really tough even with evaporative cooling then you have to run the fan as well. Overall, this cooling option is better for houses and offices.

How much does it cost to install ducted evaporative cooling in Australia?

The installation charges for the ducted evaporative cooling system range between $300 to $600. If you want to know about the cooling system as well as its installation then you must know the range lies between $8000 to $12000.

Should you open windows when using evaporative cooling?

Yes, sometimes, it becomes necessary to open the windows while using the evaporative cooling to move out the humidity and smells from the house. It becomes tough to live in a humid environment. 

What is a better evaporative cooler or air conditioner?

Of course, the air conditioner is a better cooling option than an evaporative cooler. But you must know that there are various factors to be considered before giving the tag of the best cooling system to the air conditioner. The factors are prices, cooling capacity, and efficient functional period.

How do you get the best out of evaporative cooling?

To keep your evaporative cooling system at its best you need to take care of its condition. This can be done by hiring professionals for a timely checkup and fixing the problems if found any. 

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