Air Conditioning Glenlyon

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Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services

How often does your air conditioning unit need servicing? So, you have been using your system for a long time and yet you do not observe any issues. Is a service really necessary here? The answer is yes!

Even if you do not notice any issue, there are minor problems cropping up in your machine which will grow into major issues. Thus, a servicing is necessary. If you do not conduct regular maintenance, it loses 5% of its operating efficiency each year. Thus, whether you know it or not, your air conditioning system requires maintenance services and it is best to hire professional air conditioning repair professionals.

24 Hours Plumbing is a leading professional air conditioning repair services provider in Glenlyon. We house a highly skilled and licensed team of electricians. Additionally, we provide our air conditioning repair services to both residential and commercial establishments throughout Glenlyon.

Air Conditioning Glenlyon

Air Conditioning Glenlyon

Importance of Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon

  • Fewer damages

    Conducting regular air conditioning repair service in Glenlyon ensures that your machine does not sustain heavy damages.

  • Cost saving

    Regular maintenance ensures that we deal with smaller problems on a daily basis such that you do not incur high repair costs later.

  • High efficiency

    A well-maintained air conditioning system works regularly with higher efficiency as compared to one that does not undergo much servicing.

  • Lower electricity bill

    When your system runs with a higher efficiency, it consumes less electricity and thus brings down your electricity bills.

  • Cooler air

    Regular maintenance and service will ensure that you get cool and hygienic air at home.

Our Air Conditioning System Repair Process

As discussed, it is indeed necessary to take professional help for maintaining and repairing your air conditioner . Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon ensures that clean and cool air is circulated in the room for best results.

Air Conditioning Repair Services Glenlyon

Air Conditioning Repair Services

24 Hours Plumbing follows a comprehensive three stepprocedurefor repairing or maintaining an air conditioner.

  1. Cleaning the air conditioning unit

    This is the first step in the Air-Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon. Here are some checks that we conduct in this stage of the repair:

    • Checking the copper pipe that connects the unit to the board.
    • We remove all types of external debris from the unit.
    • Further, we locate and clean the air conditioning coils.
    • Additionally, we lubricate the motor to ensure smooth functioning of the device.


  1. Checking the system function

    This step is done in order to make sure that the device is functioning well and all the parts are active. Here is what we do:

    • We turn on the thermostat and check if it is working properly or not. We take the necessary actions accordingly.
    • Further, strange noises are noted in this phase. If there are uncommon sounds coming from the unit, some parts need some lubrication.
    • With the help of a hand held thermometer, the temperature is checked in each room in order to understand if the system is working fine or not. The idea is to ensure that the thermostat and thermometer temperature is the same.


  1. Pooling water issues

    As part of the maintenance work, the technicians check if there is water dripping anywhere inside or outside the unit. This is how we do it:

    • We check the tubing for cracks and leaks.
    • Further, we check the floor drain for water condensation exit. We clean the drain to remove any debris.
    • Further, we check other potential areas of water leakage and fix in order to solve the issue.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Services

24 Hours Plumbing provides you the best air conditioning repair services in Glenlyon with the help of our trained technicians and advanced tools and equipment. We ensure a thorough cleaning of the unit and ensuring that no parts inside are malfunctioning.

Affordable Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon

Affordable Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon

We conduct a number of Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon including the likes of unit installation, repair, and maintenance tasks. Further, we believe that the home, outdoor space and the air conditioning unit should work together in order to make the most optimum system. When it comes to repair and maintenance, these are some of the services we offer:

  • Air conditioner cleaning and repair work
  • Multipoint inspects
  • Indoor air quality checks
  • Energy and home audits

Same Day Air Conditioner Repair Services

If you encounter an air conditioner unit malfunctioning in the middle of the night and need some urgent help, you can get in touch with us and explain your issue and we will send our technicians to your house at the earliest. This has helped us serve our clients better and in a more organized way. We have our professionals and service ready for all emergencies and services!

Why Choose Us?

How can 24 Hours Plumbing help repair your air conditioner? How can we add value to it?

Here are some ideas:

  • We have local and licensed technicians and electricians to solve your air conditioning issues.
  • Additionally, we have a complete set of tools to help maintain your air conditioning unit. You do not need to worry about expenditures in this front.
  • Further, our efficient services will ensure that your machine gives an optimal performance, generating cool air while keeping your bills low.
  • Smaller maintenance tasks carried out by today will prevent large repair costs in the future.
  • Moreover, our affordable services cost that will help you keep your system in good shape.

Best Air Conditioning Repair Services

The best air conditioning repair services of 24 Hours Plumbing will ensure that a complete check-up of the air conditioning system is conducted. The final results will be such that:

  • Your electricity consumption and thus bills are reduced due to higher efficiency
  • Further, the air around you is of high quality. You are not exposed to allergens, pollutants, grime and the likes.
  • Moreover, your furniture collection at home is not affected by a bad air conditioning system performance.
  • Additionally, we do not drill a hole in your pockets!

It is best to hire professionally trained people for repairing and maintaining your machine. Do not delay, and give us a call today to know more about our Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon!

Affordable Air Conditioning Repair Service Glenlyon

We at 24 hours Plumbing believe in providing our customers with the best air conditioning repair service in Glenlyon. Our air conditioning repair and maintenance service is available for you at affordable costs. Our team of expert plumbers excel in the job of air conditioning repairs and maintenance services. We utilize the latest machinery and tools to make sure that your air conditioning systems are working efficiently. With low costs, we maintain the highest quality in our repair services with no compromise. Hire 24 Hours Plumbing today and get your residential and commercial air conditioning systems repaired at affordable costs.

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