10 Easy DIY Tips To Get Rid of Drain Flies

Drain flies also known as sink moths are one of the most nuisance pests. They mostly live in a moist environment including the kitchen and bathroom drains. Though they do not bite humans, no one would like to see them around. These insects are just 5 millimeters long and you will see them resting on the surrounding walls of the kitchen sink. Also, they cannot fly properly. Usually, you will find them when you are back from vacation. Besides, you will see them lying around kitchen sinks and in the bathroom walls. It is essential to get rid of drain flies as they make your place unhygienic to live in. If you do not treat these flies quickly then you will see them growing in numbers within 32-48 hours. 

Get Rid of Drain Flies

Many homeowners use chemical solutions to get rid of drain flies while others use natural treatment for safe and effective Flies Control outcomes. Some of them hire companies available for Pest Control Melbourne services. Different DIY tips help in eliminating drain flies. Below given are the best and simple tips which will help you in removing the drain flies and their source.

10 Simple DIY Tips To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

These are the amazing 10 simple DIY tips to get rid of drain flies suggested by 24Hours Plumbing experts.

  1. Identify The Affected Drains: The first and foremost thing you need to do is thoroughly check the drain which is affected. If there is any slow-moving or clogged drain, you will find the adult drain flies in that place. A lot of decomposition material helps in completing their lifecycle. All you have to do is cover the drain with the tape and make sure the sticky side is at the downside. Also, do not block the airflow and mark the x with the tape before going to bed at nighttime. This helps in catching the insects which try to fly. Also, the drain flies are very active during the night. 
  2. Cleaning The Affected Area: You will easily find the affected drains and the source the next morning. Instead of pouring the chemical cleaners, you can simply use warm water which works excellently. You can take a pipe brush or drain snake and insert it down in the affected drain. Later pour the warm water and gently scrub the affected drains to remove the built-up slime. Besides, you can even use a plunger to thoroughly remove the leftover materials from the pipes.
  3. U-Trap Clearing: To clear the U trap present under your sink you need to open it. This helps in reaching down inside the pipe and removing all the remnants causing clogs. 
  4. Use Enzyme Drain Cleaner: After clearing out all the particles, you can close the system and pour the enzyme cleaner. This helps in removing all the left-out particles which didn’t come off with the help of pipe brush or pipe snake. 
  5. Vinegar, Baking Soda, And Salt Solution: Take ½ of baking soda, ½ cup of salt, and 1 cup of salt and mix it well. Later pour down the solution into the drain and let it overnight. The next morning, pour a pot of boiling water to get the best results. 
  6. Trap The Flies: To set the best trap and to attract the flies, you can take a bowl and add sugar, white vinegar, and water in an equal amount.  Later, add a 5 to 10 drop of dish liquid and put the solution on the counter which is next to the sink. Let it be overnight, the flies will fall into the trap and drown away.
  7. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap: Take a glass and pour ¼ apple cider vinegar trap in it. Seal the glass tight with the plastic wrap and afterwards make small holes on it. This is also one of the most effective traps. You will see flies attracting to the cider vinegar and drowning. 
  8. Weekly Cleaning: Weekly twice you can pour the pot full of boiled water into the sink to keep this nasty drain flies away.
  9. Drain Cleaning Gel: There are different types of drain cleaning gels available in the market which you can put in use to clear out the drains. They strongly work in getting rid of the drain flies.  Besides, they are specially designed to eliminate all the sources which help the drain flies to breed. You can apply it according to the instructions given. In the end, you can run enough water to thoroughly flush it out. 
  10. Use Mechanical Swatter To Kill The Drain Flies: You can even go for a mechanical swatter which helps in killing the drains. Also, you can easily find them moving or resting on the wall which is close to the sink. Make sure you are killing the flies and removing the dead particles. Do not forget to clean the mess later. Moreover, it is important to sanitize the sink area in the end. 

Take The Professional Assistance To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

If you aren’t receiving the desired drain flies control results using the DIY tips, then do not hesitate and hire the experts for Drain Flies Pest Control. With their years of experience and expertise, they will guide you right to solve your problems with ease and speed in the least time possible! Pest Control is a service that all homes or commercial establishments need at some point in time, but how many know the best ways to do it? How many are aware of the consequences if they do not take proper action to curb the damage these pests can cause? If you have never hired pest control services before, you may not even be aware of the different options available for getting rid of them.